Agilent J&W DB-5ms features an excellent signal-to-noise ratio for analytical applications. This improved performance gives better sensitivity and mass spectral integrity. What's more, DB-5ms delivers excellent inertness with active compounds. These columns are exact replacements for HP-5TA, and are close equivalents to USP phase G27. DB-5ms is very low bleed, making it ideal for GC/MS.


  • Phenyl Arylene polymer virtually equivalent to a (5%-Phenyl)-methylpolysiloxane
  • Non-polar with very low bleed characteristics, ideal for GC/MS
  • Excellent inertness for active compounds
  • Improved signal-to-noise ratio for better sensitivity and mass spectral integrity
  • Bonded and cross-linked
  • Solvent rinsable
  • Exact replacement of HP-5TA
  • Close equivalent to USP Phase G27