Packed GC Columns from Agilent

Agilent J&W Packed GC Columns are designed and manufactured to offer excellent and reproducible performance for all sample types associated with packed column separations, most important in the hydrocarbon processing industry. The highly efficient and rigorous packing technology used in Agilent J&W packed GC columns assures column-to-column reproducibility and ultimate efficiency, while the UltiMetal treated stainless steel tubing allows for improved inertness and peak-shape performance.


  • UltiMetal treated stainless steel tubing promotes sharp peaks with less peak tailing for improved data accuracy
  • High-efficiency packing ensures excellent reproducibility in pressure drop, flow characteristics, and separation performance resulting in less system readjustment after column installation
  • Select from a range of tubing materials – including stainless steel, UltiMetal, nickel, glass, copper and PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) – plus hundreds of stationary phases, packings, and supports or you can create your own custom configurations
  • Column configurations are available for all major GC brands, past and present, for worry-free compatibility