Ultron ES HPLC Column from Agilent

The Ultron Chiral columns allow for direct racemic separations without derivatization. Try an Ultron Chiral HPLC column today. The applications are ES-OVM enantiomers of fluoxetine, chlorpheniramine, cloperastin, ES-Pepsin drugs, peptides, eperisone, melizine


  • Direct racemic separations without derivatization.
  • Separate enantiomers of pharmaceuticals, such as hexobarbital, ibuprofen and profenamine, are complete with ULTRON ES-OVM. ULTRON ES-Pepsin Chiral columns are best suited to separate basic compounds that are difficult to separate by other columns.
  • ES-OVM contains an ovomucoid protein while ES-Pepsin columns have pepsin bonded to 120Å, 5 µm silica particles.
  • Both types of chiral columns are usable with mobile phases such as acetonitrile or ethanol and phosphate buffer.