New hope for adults with amblyopia (lazy eye)

By Professor Robert Hess


Amblyopia is a visual developmental disorder in which the vision through one eye fails to develop properly in early childhood. The deficit is not in the eye itself but in the visual areas of the brain.

The disruption to early visual development can be due to a misaligned eye or an eye out of focus. Later, when the alignment is corrected by surgery or the focus corrected with lenses, the visual loss remains.

The treatment for the last 200 hundred years has involved patching of the fellow sighted eye, under the rationale of forcing the “lazy” eye to work.

Not too long ago, the patching was all day, but more recently, it has been restricted to 3-6 hrs a day.

In the majority of cases this does produce visual improvements, though there is a great deal of variability.

The cost in terms of inconvenience and psychological stress for the patient, usually a child at school age, is tremendous and the compliance is often low.

The end result after 6 months to 2 years of patching is certainly improved function in the majority of cases, but once the patch is removed the two eyes often don’t work together as they should, 3D vision is often not obtained and the fellow eye suppresses the amblyopic eye, which eventually leads to some reduction in acuity.

More significantly there is only a limited time-window in which the patching therapy works, kids are only patched up to the age of 12 years. There is no treatment offered to adults with amblyopia.

The current treatment approach is based on the assumption that amblyopia is the primary problem and the loss of binocular function is the secondary consequence.

The fact that reducing amblyopia with patching does not automatically lead to improved use of the two eyes together makes one question its validity.

There is reason to suspect the logic needs to be reversed, namely that the primary problem is that the two eyes, because of either an eye misalignment or an eye out of focus, stop working together with the secondary consequence being amblyopia. The link between disrupted binocular vision and amblyopia is suppression.

All amblyopes have some degree of suppression where the fellow sighted eye inhibits the functioning of the misaligned or out of focus eye to avoid the confusion resulting from a double or blurred image.

It seems perfectly feasible that over time this constant suppression leads to a more permanent loss of vision or amblyopia.

Recently we have developed tools for measuring suppression and shown that there is a direct relationship between suppression and amblyopia, consistent with the idea that the primary problem is the loss of binocular function with the secondary consequence the development of amblyopia.

This new way of thinking about the genesis of amblyopia leads one up a different treatment path, one that tackles the loss of binocular function as a first step with the expectation that the function through the amblyopic eye will improve as a consequence of the reduced suppression from the fellow eye.

With this new way of thinking about amblyopia in mind we developed a method of measuring the degree of suppression and arranging viewing conditions using dichoptic presentation (different images to each eye) where the suppression would be minimal.

Under these rather artificial (compared with natural viewing) viewing conditions we found that the two eyes were able to combine information normally. In other words, it was just the suppression that rendered that was a structurally intact binocular visual system into a functionally monocular one in amblyopic observers.

Furthermore, the more time the eyes worked together combining information (for the first time), the stronger their binocular capacity became and over time, the viewing conditions could be slowly moved in the direction of more normal viewing where both eyes sees the same images.

We (with my colleagues Drs Mansouri and Thompson) found that the binocular training only had to be done for 1 -2 hours a day for 4-6 weeks, after which the two eyes could work together under natural viewing conditions.

Once this was achieved we also showed that there were improvements in 3D vision, with some patients experiencing this for the first time.

The acuity of the amblyopic eye also improved as a result of eliminating the suppression from the fellow sighted eye. Even more remarkable all these results were obtained in adults, some of whom were middle aged, for whom there is no current treatment.

Robert F  Hess graphic

All of the above work was done in the laboratory using space consuming computer equipment. We then teamed up with our colleagues at McGill in Electrical Engineering (Drs Cooperstock, Long and Blum) and, using the same principle, converted it to a video game on an ipod. This introduced the first bit of fun into a treatment that has been anything but fun for the last 200years.

Tetris was used and it could only be played successfully if the amblyope truly combined the information from the two eyes because the information seen by each eye was different and both bits of information were used to play the game successfully.

We initially adjusted the dichoptic images for each patient to ensure that their suppression was minimal. As they successfully played the game, the viewing conditions were automatically adjusted in the direction towards normal viewing.

Depending on the patient and the degree of suppression, normal binocular function under normal everyday viewing conditions could be obtained within 4-6 weeks after 1 hrs of daily play.

The improvements in 3D vision and monocular acuity of the amblyopic eye were comparable to what we had found previously in the laboratory.

Initially we ran an in-office treatment study where we could ensure exact compliance and more recently we have run a take-home study and assessed compliance from the log files of the video game stored on the ipod. The compliance was excellent and the visual improvement comparable to our previous studies.

Very recently, we (Drs Li, Thompson, Chan, Yu and Hess) we assessed the current patching treatment with our dichoptic treatment. Amblyopic patients were divided into two comparable groups matched for the degree of amblyopia.

One group played tetris while being patched for 1 hrs a day for 2 weeks, the other group played tetris dichoptically (as described above) for 1 hrs a day for 2 weeks.

We measured 3D vision, degree of suppression and monocular vision. On all three measures, the dichoptic treatment was far superior to that of the monocular patching.

Furthermore, when the monocular patching group were crossed over to the dichoptic treatment, they too achieved comparable gains in each of these visual measures to that of the original dichoptic group, suggesting that the dichoptic approach, based on treating the binocular deficit, improves the function of the amblyopic eye more than the current patching approach.

Additionally, it does so with the extra benefit of having two eyes that work together that in turn ensures that any gains achieved in the function of the amblyopic eye will be maintained and not regress.

All of the above work was supported by a grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health (#53346) to RFH.

Further Reading

About Professor Robert Hess

Robert-F-Hess-250Professor Robert F. Hess is the Director of Research at the Department of Ophthalmology, McGill University, Canada, and founding Director of the McGill Vision Research Unit.

He is also an associate faculty member of McGill’s Departments of Psychology, and Neurology and Neurosurgery.

Prior to setting up the Unit in 1990, he was a Wellcome Senior Lecturer at the University of Cambridge’s Department of Physiology in the U.K. from 1982 to 1990, and a Meres Senior Fellow for Medical Research at St. John’s College, Cambridge, from 1977 to 1982.

Among Hess’ accolades are his winning of the Eldridge-Green Medal from the U.K.’s Royal College of Surgeons for his research in ophthalmology, and his invited deliveries of the prestigious Champness Lecture to the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers, the Clair Bobier Lecture in Vision at the University of Waterloo, Canada, and the Centenary Vision Lecture at Aston.

Aston also awarded Hess a DSc in 1998 in recognition of his outstanding contributions to vision science. He has published more than 320 peer-reviewed papers.

His broad research interests in normal visual processing include spatial, temporal, stereo, and motion processing, and he utilizes various techniques such as psychophysics, computational modeling, single-cell neurophysiology, evoked potentials, functional magnetic resonance imaging, transcranial magnetic stimulation, effective connectivity analysis and voxel-based morphometry.

Hess’ interests in clinical vision, centre on amblyopia, but he has expertise in the general area of low vision as well as normal visual function.

He has served on the editorial boards of renowned vision science journals, and was the founder and editor-in-chief of Clinical Vision Sciences in the 1990s.

Disclaimer: This article has not been subjected to peer review and is presented as the personal views of a qualified expert in the subject in accordance with the general terms and condition of use of the website.

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2019


  1. Ángel Ferrero Ángel Ferrero Spain says:

    Hi there.
    I'm very interested in this treatment. I'm a 33yo amblyopic (weak left eye with 40% vision) and I'm from Spain.
    Here in Spain, amblyopia doesn't have any treatment at all, every single ophthalmologist says that amblyopia can only be treated before the age of 10 and the only therapy is patching the strong eye before the age comes.
    I don't know how can I get close to a treatment. I want to improve my visual acuity.
    Does anybody know how frustrating is it when your buddies talk about how amazing is Avatar in 3D and not really knowing WHAT does it mean... Or how frustrating is declining a movies evening because the movie you're going to watch is in 3D...
    How can I get to this treatment?
    I've been treated with Lasik in both eyes, this was good, but not enough.
    I'd appreciate any help.

    Thank you!

  2. Margaret Moneys Margaret Moneys United Kingdom says:

    My 6 year old son suffers from a lazy eye, something I have had for 30 years but have had no option but to live with due to it not being picked up early enough.

    I really don't want my son to suffer due to this and after almost 2 years of wearing glasses and 3 monthly visits to the hospital he doesn't seem to be making any improvement and the next step is to wear a patch (something I would like to avoid if at all possible due to the psychological effects).

    How would I go about having my son involved in trials? The optician at the hospital isn't seem to be aware of this type of treatment in the UK.

    I would be grateful for any advice. Thanks

    • Gwynfryn Thomas Gwynfryn Thomas France says:

      Margaret, does your son fully understand that he needs to be concentrating on seeing things with his week eye? Things like trying to focus on large letters, at different distances? I went through this as a kid (still essentially blind in one eye) with the patches, and they kept repeating “you’ve got a lazy eye”, but I never got the notion of what I was supposed to do with it (boy, was I angry when it occurred to me in my teens, “too late”, as I was then told!). I can’t promise it’ll make any difference, but it should be worth trying! Isn’t it annoying that they mention their app/video game, but don’t provide a link to it: I want to try it right now, not after trolling the net, possibly unsuccessfully!

      • David Walsh David Walsh United States says:

        I have a really bad lazy eye and I'm 42. I have two surgeries to try to correct the lazy eye. One the the lazy eye and one on my good eye to try to straighten the other one. They worked somewhat but not perfect. I always tell my parents I wish they never used the patch on me. I can't see anything clearly or read on my lazy eye and only use it for peripheral vision. During those young years I could not read in 1st grade (because of patch) I could not participate in normal activities. This really affected me. I don't think it's right to make kids wear the patch.

  3. Abhilasha Ahuja Abhilasha Ahuja Qatar says:


    My name is Abhi and I am 45 years old.

    My right eye is Lazy from birth. My parents realized that I had a lazy eye when I was  16 years of age and going to the University. It was too late for the treatment the doctors said. The vision in the Lazy eye is 6/60 and the correct eye is 6/6.

    As it is very difficult to see with the lazy eye the thought of something happening to my good eye scares me a lot.I would really be interested in the treatment if possible in my case. Please advice weather this might work for me or not.


  4. Aimee Henderson Aimee Henderson United Kingdom says:

    I remember having to be patched as a child. It really isn't what a young child needs in their day to day life. My right eye is still very weak, though the alignment was fixed at an early age. It would be great to see treatments like this available for adults. (Maybe I'll even be able to see a 3D film and see what all the fuss is about!)

  5. Brian Clancy Brian Clancy Ireland says:

    It's impossible to understand what this article is saying - typical of specialists.

    • Joy Campbell Joy Campbell United States says:

      It doesn't make much sense to me either. In other words, what am I supposed to do with that information?

      • A G A G United States says:

        To what I am understanding, this process requires you to have a smartphone, 3d glasses and time on your hands. Why 3d glasses? Well, it seems they want you to focus each eye separately on different colored blocks but at the same time and in this case a tetris game that does just that. One lens is blue, the other red so you can technically choose a color that only that one lens can see but not the other and so forth. What this does is train both eyes to work together and improve them. Hopefully I helped a bit in this, wish you all the best.

  6. Will Do Will Do United States says:

    I have a lazy eye and something puzzling has occurred.   First a little history, I first noticed it when I was around 16.  I inquired about fixing it and I was told that I was too old.  To prevent squint, I tried to exercise my eye.  As the years went by I just adjusted to my lazy eye but I focused mainly out of my good eye.  I am 67 now and up until about 2 years ago I could not see anything clearly out of my lazy eye even with glasses.  For some reason the vision in my lazy eye improved.  The doctor said that I have cataracts so I decided to have them removed.  Before the cataract surgery the vision in my right eye was 20/80 with my glasses.  After the cataract surgery and implant my vision improved to 20/25.  I still cannot understand how my vision improved from being somewhat blind to 20/25.  My ophthalmologist was amazed at how much my vision had corrected.

  7. Richelle Danganan Richelle Danganan Philippines says:

    i have also a lazy eye on my left eye..i was 25 right now before i go to a doctor and they told me that i have a lazy eye..i cant read using my left eye and i only see a haft vision...and the doctor said that my optical nerve is damage and it can lead to total lost of it possible to correct my vision at my age..or to improved my vision..pls help...

  8. Ahmed Noman Ahmed Noman Islamic Republic of Pakistan says:

    hi, im 30 and from pakistan and i also have a lazy eye problem.. when i was a kid i remember doctors used to say i have a squint.. but just after recently when i read it on the web that its actually the lazy eye that im suffering from becomes really frustrating.. i couldnt see from one eye properly even though my eye sight is 6 by 6.. more frustrating is that the vision is reducing from the effected eye every year.. i can pray to God that everyone included myself who is suffering from this disease should get rid of it..
    plus i have been flying kites all my childhood but that couldnt help either. so i dont think playing games would work.. i think its all lies inside our brain and very much related with the nerves, we actually lack power and energy in our nerves attached to the effected eye...
    wish you all good health folks!
    ahmed noman

  9. Tony Warren Tony Warren United States says:

    I'm 59 years old and as a child had two eye surgeries and did eye patching. Unfortunately my right eye is still suppressed. A possible treatment for adults with amblyopia would be amazing. Please sign me up even if it's just for a clinical trial.  Keep up the good work.

  10. Kimberly Marie Kimberly Marie United States says:

    I am 38. I have had a lazy eye since I was a baby . My right eye. I had muscle surgery as a baby. I wore the patch for a while in elementary school. It is getting worse now. I'd like to try this treatment. I could never pass a depth perception test or enjoy a 3d movie. I'm tired of people noticing. I also passed it down genetically to my daughter. She is 16 and her issue seems slight. I'm sure it will get worse with time. Contact me please.

  11. Margaret Melfa Margaret Melfa United States says:

    I am 47...i was born with esotropia, and have had 3 surgeries to keep my left lazy eye aligned...most recent surgery in 2001. My parent patched the good eye when i was under 3 yrs of age, but nothing really helped permanently. When i'm tired my weak eye drifts more, and it is hard for me to keep it focused. I only have one "good eye"...when i cover it, i can't read past the first line on the eye chart. I would love info on any types of new treatment available!!!

  12. Christopher Pa Christopher Pa Germany says:

    I have a mild amblyopia in my left eye (80% vision) and alternating strabismus since I was a baby. Is there a danger of double images when the supression is reduced? Or is it possible to restore the binocular function that is currently not working?

  13. Katja Korenjak Katja Korenjak Slovenia says:

    Hi. I am 33 from Slovenia and also suffering from amblyopia on my right eye. For now my left eye is completely healthy and my vision is 100%, but the thought of something happening scares me, since my right eye vision is very poor.
    I too am interested in this treatment.
    Regards, Katja

  14. Hiren Adesara Hiren Adesara United States says:

    I am 28, and I have amblyopia. And would be love to sign up if there is ANY treatment for amblyopia. I live in california.

  15. Emanuel Ortega Emanuel Ortega United States says:


    I'm 32 and also suffering from Amblyopia on my right eye. I am interested in information and treatment.

    Thank you!

  16. Enrique Acevedo Enrique Acevedo United States says:

    I am 46 and have been told that I could not even get Lasik on my good eye because their insurance would not cover the clinic if they screwed up and permanently damaged my good eye.  I thought I had no options until I read this article.  Did not get diagnosed early enough.  I would love to be a subject in your study.

  17. Israel Hlychho Israel Hlychho India says:

    Hi there, I'm 23 and I have amblyopic right eye. Doctors told me that the retina in my right eye is clouded by some white thing, which they are not sure of what it is. They told me that it could not be removed by surgery because there are so many risks in the process, and that the sight could be improved only upto 70%. So I am wondering if binocular training could bring me any improvement in my sights (of course for my right eye), because wearing glass tickles my face and does not work at all for my blurry vision, or any vision related problem in my right eye for that matter. I'd very much appreciate to receive your suggestions.

    • Luis Perlasca Luis Perlasca United States says:

      Sounds like the cloudy part you have was misdiagnosed. A lot of doctors in America that are of the older generation tend to never have seen it before and they misdiagnose it more often than not. Typical since it only happens to 1 of 10000 people with ambliopia. It's a cancer that is benign meaning it stopped growing or does not harm the area. What happened was that when you were in your mothers womb you over developed your optic nerve. Most people stop producing the optical nerve but you continued to do so. Sounds like it should have some type of advantage but unfortunately it doesn't and usually  may be associated with ipsilateral myopia, amblyopia, strabismus and other ocular conditions. Strabismus was found in 66% with MRNF in one review. Visual acuity is usually not affected; however, if a sufficient number of myelinated fibers are present a relative scotomas may develop depending on the location of the MRNF.

  18. Jo Carpenter Jo Carpenter Jersey says:

    Hi, I am a 48 year old woman who has an amblyopic left eye. I went cross eyed at 2 and doctors removed a bit of muscle out of each eye. I was left with a lazy left eye. I was patched for a long time as a child and it was horrendous. Kept walking into things and it was so uncomfortable and very frustrating. Now that I am older, and I do a lot of computer work, my eyes get really tired but my poor lazy eye just closes now. It closes a lot, even in just a slight breeze too as it is so sensitive. I don't really understand the article as its written in doctor language, so I have emailed it to a doctor friend of mine to disseminate it for me. I would love to be part of a trial to see if your technique works. Please contact me if this would be at all possible. Many thanks and the best of luck to everyone out there, Jo

  19. Pam Newberg Pam Newberg United States says:

    Can you send me information as well?  We'd love to try this method for a 16 yr old.
    Thanks so much!

  20. Hi
    Oprea Stefan Oprea Stefan Romania says:

    Hello everyone, I am Oprea Stefan and I am 14 years old from Roumanian,Europe. Here we don t have a good tratament for amblyopia, my left eye is 50 with glasses, and my right eye is 100 (so he don t have problems) as I child I don t have money to do many things but I have a natural life style, I patched my eye 3 hours on day and I do exercices for my eyes, To be honest the result is very good I know I will have a normal eye, I think I see 3D, I mean when I was child my eye got patched too, I am sure I see 3D and I have a binocular vision too, but I want to be sure, so I will folow all natural trataments and I do what is in my power to see absoluty normaly, because I want to become a footballer and play in Europe. Hope all of you who see this comment will see normaly, I am sure you will. I am sorry for my bad english. Bye,bye!

  21. Dave S Dave S Canada says:

    I was born cross-eyed, had surgery to correct my eyes and wore a patch when I was very young. I hated the patch, and have been told I used to remove the patch often....
    I now have a lazy eye (right eye). I also have double-vision as a result of my eyes not working together. Not sure if other people here also have double-vision? It's something I've grown up (I'm 48). I'd like to have the correction done to my right eye (I am not so concerned about "better" vision in my right eye; I would like just to have my eyes aligned)... on a daily basis I get people turning their head to look behind them when I am talking to them (because they look at the lazy eye, which is pointing outward). I've tried to deal with this my entire life. My daughter (she's 5 1/2) will soon be asking why daddy's eyes aren't aligned. She'll probably turn her head too when I talk to her. I hate having to drive my vehicle when my wife is with me. Because I use my left eye for EVERYTHING, I tend to turn my head slightly to the right... so my left eye sees "Middle" (if that makes sense?). She has commented more times than I care to think about, "Keep your eyes on the road!". I have to then explain to her that I am. How embarrassing. Or when I turn to look at her, I have to turn my head far to the right (so I can see her with my left eye!) It makes me look as though I am peaking into the back seat!! Again.. how embarrassing. Or when I'm having a conversation with a co-worker... sometimes I can see the image from my right eye (double-vision, remember) and the eye is pointing outward... so not only do I see something off to the right, but my co-worker clearly sees my right eye off in la-la land. How embarrassing.
    I consider myself to be very thick-skinned... and I don't break down easily.. but talking about my lazy eye (and/or seeing somebody turn their head when I'm talking to them) can easily bring me to tears.

    During a recent visit to a NEW optometrist, she discussed the Prism fix for my eyes. Sadly, the glasses with the prism did nothing to bring in my right eye. He's a stubborn old cout...I'm staying out in Right Field!!!!!

    I was wearing a patch up to a while ago. It was just too difficult for me to go about my daily routine. So I stopped wearing the patch. Not to mention the wicked headaches I was getting.

    So let us rejoice all of us with lazy-eye!! Surely, if they can send men to outer space, they can find a cure/fix for lazy eye! Even when we are already into our adulthood.

    BTW: With contacts/glasses, I have 20/20 vision in my left eye and 20/200 in my right eye, so pretty much blind the right! Given the choice, I would rather have minimal vision in my eye versus being blind. I have never enjoyed a 3-D movie, and when my family and I visited Universal Studios, in California in 2012, I truly missed out experiencing the joy that my daughter was experiencing from the 3-D and 4-D movies! Literally everyone in the theatre would jump when things were "popping out of the screen", except for me.... I was left asking, "What happened?" How embarrassing.

    I'm not at a point in my life where I am considering having surgery to correct my lazy eye (for cosmetic reasons only.)

  22. Dave S Dave S Canada says:

    I'm interested!!!!!

  23. Lowell Thompson Lowell Thompson United States says:

    I am also interested in this treatment. I am 47 years old and have lived a great life in spite of my amblyopia. As I age my vision get worse (-7.50) in my good eye now. I was told I was about 20/400 in my right eye. If there is anything you could do for me I would greatly appreciate it.


    My daughter has Amblyopia in the right side eye. She is 17 years now and had gone through the path treatment when she was 6-7 years of age. She could not follow this treatment in proper way. She has squint in the same eye and Doctor says she can go for squint surgery for correction but the vision remains minimal with -20 number.

    Please advise if there is any possible treatment any where in the world through which she can have improved vision in the Lazy eye.

    As it is very difficult to see with the lazy eye the thought of something happening to the good eye scares us.

    Please advise in case this kind of treatment can work for my daughter.

    Rajesh Bahl

  25. N King N King United States says:

    Everyone posting here, including myself, is interested in finding this treatment and would appreciate any information you can provide. I'm already disabled with unrelated chronic pain. If my healthy eye is damaged or otherwise loses vision, I'll also be blind. Give me a reason to hope.

    I'm interested in information about clinical trials.

    • Gwynfryn Thomas Gwynfryn Thomas France says:

      Isn't it frustrating that, after all this time, none of these doctors have thought of providing a link, it seems (this is my first visit)?
      I saw another video which claimed amazing results from a machine by Oculus (if memory serves; I’ll look it up) but I hope they provide them on lease, as I’ve no desire to pay for an expensive gamer I’ll have no use for other than improving my vision!

  26. Tabitha Lanuza Tabitha Lanuza United States says:

    I would love to find out about this treatment!

  27. arezou mh arezou mh Iran says:

    My name is Arezou Motamed Haeri, I had amblyopia as a child and it was because of genetic problems. My parents found out when I was 8 and mostly the ophthalmologist indicated that it cannot be cured.But at last 2 of them expressed that the problem can be cured and I started to do the treatment and at the age of 10 it was really gone and my physician told me that there is no need to even wear the glasses but now at the age of 31 another ophthalmologist recently told me that I still have the problem. either it`s not gone at all or it`s back after too many years which I think is impossible.  Now I just have some questions ; what will happen to my left eye which still has the problem? Am I loosing it ? And is there a way to have my vision back again,even by having amblyiopia or there is no way and I will get worse?
    Thank you

  28. Claudio Nascimento Claudio Nascimento Canada says:

    My name is Claudio, I live in Toronto. My left eye is ambliopic; if there is any reseanable thing I can do help the researches out, by all means do contact me. Please reply to this with your email address and I'll will write you back right after.

    Thank you.

    • Gwynfryn Thomas Gwynfryn Thomas France says:

      At the two posts above this one, that is, Claudio, and you will find links to two systems which claim to be able to help. It is often a good idea to read other peoples' comments...

  29. Adrian Donnelly Adrian Donnelly United Kingdom says:

    Now 62, and I have recently had a third operation to straighten the weak eye, as it started to drift. I would be happy for a trial!
    Adrian from England.

  30. Machteld Hendriks Machteld Hendriks Germany says:

    Dear professor Hess and amblyopia- suffering people.

    I am from The Netherlands, living in Germany,  and 49 years old. My lazy eye was discovered when I was 3 years old. I wasn't patched or for a short time. Can't remember precisely. I have a amblyopia caused by a different thickness of my left and right eye lenses. I have also hyperopia, astigmatisme, presbyopia according to the latest measuring and a strong brill prescription. I have no double vision,  my right eye surprises my left. To avoid to become worse I am very interesting in vision therapie and would like to know if the amblyopia app-treatment available is somehow?

  31. Gwynfryn Thomas Gwynfryn Thomas France says:

    I thought no one would ever get around to providing one! Why wasn't it done in the paper? This should be of interest to you:

    Please watch this video on the subject (and let me know what you think?):

  32. Gwynfryn Thomas Gwynfryn Thomas France says:

    If any of you have tried this, how well it worked, and how one obtains the device? I hope it's available for rent, as I've otherwise no use for an expensive gaming machine!

    Please watch this video on the subject:

  33. Gwynfryn Thomas Gwynfryn Thomas France says:

    The download requires Win8, and claims to work with "any 3-D glasses" (I suppose I should have guessed!) of which I have neither, but never mind; something to look forward to...

  34. Wendy Westmoreland Wendy Westmoreland United States says:

    Thank you for your hard work ! I am 47 years old live north of Atlanta Georgia  and  born with amblyopia. I see very well in my left eye and would like to improve my acuity in my weak eye which is 20/200 I would like to be used in any of your research or clinical trials.

  35. Brian Cary Brian Cary United States says:

    I am not diagnosed with amblyopia, but I do have a lazy eye. I still can see out of both eyes just one at a time. I can actually switch dominant eyes and it changes on its own day to day. It is annoying when talking to people and they ask me waht i was looking at. So I am very interested in treatment.

  36. Dot Bird Dot Bird United Kingdom says:

    Please help, I am 53 and have had a lazy righty  eye since early childhood. Patching only helped for a short time and now as I am getting older my squint is getting worse, especially if I try an look at something a distance away, it is not as noticeable when you are close to me. I no longer look at people in the face or eyes when I talk to them, I walk around with my head down so no-one notices my squint, I am embarrassed to have any photo's of me taken as it is very noticeable in photos of yourself. Please can you help? I have been offered surgery to correct it cosmetically but I have  been told that I must be awake during it and I just couldn't stand it, I'm very squeamish when it comes to eyes. I am at a kiss, please help, thank you.

  37. Bruno Lopes Bruno Lopes Portugal says:

    Hello , I have lazy eye and at age 25 that I discovered when I did the tests to enter the security forces , something that could not get of course now I have 28 years. My lazy eye is the left , I see about 10 %, and the use of computers and glasses still the right is beginning to break to get tired and worse .. If there is treatment even if it is experimental, would like to offer me and try to correct , minimal use is certainly better than what I see with my left eye , would like an opinion and answer , thank you.

  38. Saideah Khan Saideah Khan United Kingdom says:

    I have lazy eye and its my right eye I'm 21 , I really hate because people always look at me differently and sometimes I get called names is there a way I can fix it please I really want to feel normal again and me treated normally

    • Susie Sandusky Susie Sandusky United States says:

      It's just not fair we suffer and no one cares your eyes are the first think everyone notices! Sorry for what you going through. Susie S

  39. Tia Bellisle Tia Bellisle United States says:

    Because of severe headaches as a kid, my physician sent me to the eye specialist. I was patched for a year and a half starting in 5th grade and was often called names like Captain Hook or patch. I've suffered severe nausea from motion issues because of amblyopia and when I get tired my lazy eye starts to wander. I am now 51 years old. I recently had lasik in the right, lazy eye and PRK in the left, dominant eye hoping that would even things out. It has only been 2 weeks, but the left eye appears to still be dominant and I am nauseous most of the day. I hope it settles!!! I am interested in your approach and would like more information please.

  40. Bud Greene Bud Greene Canada says:

    I have had a lazy eye all my life and am now 77.  Like all those above I have learned to live with it. Also I would dearly like to find a way to get involved with Dr. Hess's treatment. I have gone so far as to contact his office directly and have had no response so not sure what to do next. Keep trying I suppose.

  41. Joy Campbell Joy Campbell United States says:

    I have mild amblyopia in one eye, and in that same eye a macular pucker, which isn't extreme enough to warrant surgery thank God. I'm 66 years old. Can daily eye exercises help?

  42. raj dangol raj dangol Nepal says:

    I have amblyopia in one eye and i am 20 years old. Can it be treated or not?

  43. Susie Sandusky Susie Sandusky United States says:

    When I was born I could not see by age 2 they finally realized it and fit me for glasses I was so happy I could see my mom and dad! My eye sight was bad which required very thick lenses I was called pop bottle eyes binocular face I was spent on they were vicious to a tiny 7 year old. My right I start to get lazy so I had another thing to be picked on I was shy had no friends and was sad all the time. As an adult it had held me back I had the operation and it last a little bit. DURING THAT TIME MY WHOLE LIFE CHANGED! I became social got jobs so easily then the eye started to head to the outer corner wondering and I'm losing my eye sight im no beauty queen but to have eyes that look straight ahead would be awesome I would try anything and work hard. Any help or direction would be much appreciated.


    Susie S
    Saint Joseph MO

  44. Dave Parkman Dave Parkman United Kingdom says:

    I am 62 and only in the last few months have learned the name for my condition. At about 4  years old I went into hospital for what I was told was a look at my eye. Early pics of me clearly show strabismus. I do remember wearing patches for a while at least.
    In the last few months I also read a book by Dr Susan R Barry on her struggle to overcome strabismus. I has much inspired me, so much so that I have begun trying things described in her book. I have achieved an improvement in the general quality of vision but without specialist knowledge further gain dosnt seem likely. Specialist in this field do exist in UK but are very expensive. My desire to approach such a specialist is held in check only by the dread of being told the condition is not likely to improve further

  45. Deise Scheffel Monteiro Deise Scheffel Monteiro Brazil says:

    Hello , my name is deise , I have a 3 year old daughter with amblyopia . It cover the good eye every day , knowing that suffering can not solve made ​​me very upset. What can I do , how to access this type of treatment ?
    I live in Brazil .
    Thank you

  46. Shana Ellis Shana Ellis United States says:

    I am 45 years old. It was determined that I had amblyopia in my left eye when I was in the 4th grade. (You can't tell from looking at my eyes that anything is wrong, no turning of my bad eye) I did therapy for my eye everyday, patching the good eye and doing eye exercises for the bad eye. Later, the doc patched my bad eye  24/7 for about a month, at least, maybe longer, I can't remember. I think it was to strengthen my good eye since I would be dependant on it for my vision.
    Anyway, I don't see how this treatment works without patching the good eye since the brain shuts down the vision in the bad eye when the good eye is being used. At least, that's what my brain does.
    Does anyone else with this condition suffer from motion sickness, nausea when reading, surfing the web, or doing other eye-related activities? I do! And I suffer from headaches daily. And eye pain occasionally.
    Sure wish I could be helped!!! I am unable to drive in high traffick areas or on freewyas/interstates because I use only one eye and it makes it difficult to see when changing lanes frequently and quickly at high speeds. And of course, 3D movies are out!! I can't judge distances well  at all! And if I am attempting to pour something into a container, I have to be looking on top of the container, I can't hold it out in front of me and pour into it or I will end up missing the container Surprised. Anyone else relate to my problems?

  47. Muhammad Bah Muhammad Bah Malaysia says:


    My name is Muhammad Bah. I am 20 years old. I recently  found out that i have lazy eye condition because my good eye is getting poor. I can see fairly well during the day, but my night vision is getting worse and my eyes strain when reading. Any solutions?

  48. Stephen Morrison Stephen Morrison United Kingdom says:

    Hi I've had a lazy eye since birth and spent years going to hospital for tests and every time surgery was being thought about my eye improved although I never managed to practice the exercises. By 13 years old I'd had enough and opted to have surgery but it didn't have any lasting effect. Later in my twenties I started to have lessons in Alexander Technique and started to work on my lazy right eye myself. I then realised how much I was relying on my good left eye as my vision in my right eye when trying to read for instance was virtually non-existent. Anyway over years of very occasional practice in making myself try to read with my lazy right eye my sight has improved to the extent that it is almost as good as my left eye. Other things that have helped me are Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga (focusing the eyes on objects whilst doing Yoga) and daily basic Yoga eye exercises (circling the eyes in both directions) and Acupuncture. Although all these things cost money. The main thing for me seems to be to be really strict about practising daily in order to get some benefit. I like this article as it focuses on really improving vision by training the eye to brain mechanism to re-establish itself and not just on straightening the eyes.

  49. Shrikant Kulkarni Shrikant Kulkarni India says:

    My son onkar -age 30 is suffering from lazy eye problem.  At the age of 3 or 4 he had an squint operation-left eye.  2/3 years back he suddenly detect the lazy eye problem in the left eye when he went to see movie. We are giving him various treatment but no success. His right eye sight : 100% where as left eye is 60% in working condition. Please suggest treatment or Doctor/treatment center in India .

  50. EatLikeULoveYourself Gough EatLikeULoveYourself Gough United Kingdom says:

    Hi, I've had a lazy eye since childhood which apparently improved with surgery, patching and exercises at home, all of which I did religiously, yet my eyesight in one eye is so poor, I know I don't have 3D vision and I would go so far as to say one of my eyes is partially sighted, I can see out of it but it's fuzzy at all distances and almost makes me feel like I have a headache if I force myself to look out of that eye.  I would be interested in trying this treatment.

  51. Kristina Kruk Kristina Kruk United States says:

    I am 31 year old woman and at age 13 was diagnosed with Amblyopia my left eye.  My vision in my right eye is 20/600.  I was told since I was 13 there is no treatment for me because I am was too old to wear a patch on my good eye.  Later on in my mid twenties, I started doing a lot of computer work and reading through school and my good eye became so fatigued all the time and I got horrible headaches.  I was given two pairs of glasses, one for reading and one for driving and these caused such horrible headaches that I actually had what they call an Ocular Migraine where my vision in my good eye went all white for almost 2 hours.  I thought I went blind for good turns out my good eye was completely overloaded and glasses do not help at all because when I look around it I see as if I have only one eye even though I can see very blurry in my bad eye only if my good eye is closed.  I am in college again and the horrible headaches and eye fatigue are back from all the reading and computer work.  I tried to go to my eye dr and have them fill out a form that says what my diagnosis is so I can get extended time to read for test and accommodations but I was told that none of their other patients need accommodations or complain of these problems with amblyopia.  I want to be a teacher so bad but everything is going digital and it is so hard to read for more than 10 minutes without falling asleep.  I am desperate for some help.

  52. Jim Berg Jim Berg United States says:

    When news of this therapy first hit the internet, people rushed out to create versions of Tetris that use old style 3d (blue/red) glasses to show the falling blocks in one color and collecting blocks in another.  LazyEyeTetris is one of those games trying to capitalize on this research.  When I read the article, I get the impression that there is more to it than that.  It sounds like the images are adjusted to show correctly to the player and over time as the player's vision improves, the images are moved gradually towards what would work for normal people to see 3d.  This would mean that LazyEyeTetris and other such games are likely a waste of time.

    Am I reading this correctly?  I would really love to see 3D at some point.

    • Shannon First Shannon First United States says:

      Me, too. actually Jim, reading what you wrote was more helpful. I wondered why my eye responded to the 3 d glasses. Now I shall go in search of new glasses, and lazy eye tetris. It is a start. Maybe the writer of this article will actually reply.
      I am so tired of hearing, are you talking to me?
      Not in 3-D

      • Shelli W Shelli W United States says:

        I have just found this article and will be downloading the app soon.  Dichoptic is patching your good eye on and off.  In my case I will patch my dominant eye (left) and play a round, then I will remove the patch and play a round.  Switching like that helps the lazy eye "wake up".

  53. Shannon First Shannon First United States says:

    Really, If we get the gist? Gosh. We have amblyopia and it took you ten million words to give us a webpage?
    That is almost mean.

  54. alaa muslam alaa muslam India says:

    I am 30 year old woman and at age 18 was diagnosed with amblyopia(lazy) my right eye.  My vision in my right eye is 6/36 and left eye 6/6. Can you send me information or exerises as well?
    plz help me

  55. Igor Podoprigora Igor Podoprigora United States says:

    I understand the article and it makes sense.  What I do not understand is how they can make a game for an iPod which requires 2 eyes to play.  Sounds good in theory, but wouldn't my one good eye just do all of the work?  I just don't see how my good eye will miss some of the image that only my right eye is suppose to see... all on one screen?  I'm very skeptical about this and maybe that's why the game has not been published or shared with the public.

  56. Sean C Sean C United States says:

    I was born in 78 and have had Amblyopia my whole life in my right eye. I was born with a crossed lazy eye that eventually straightened out on it's own, but the vision it in has never improved.

    It's good news to know you only need to patch 3-6 hours a day. I wish we had known this in the 80's. Don't make your child wear the patch at school, at this point where they are needing to be able to learn how to read they might be not able to make out the letters with the weak eye. My teacher didn't quite understand this and told me why we could read at recess if I didn't do it right.

    I'd be interested in this treatment.

  57. Sean C Sean C United States says:

    I didn't actually continue the patch because it irritated the area around my eye (eyebrows and whatnot) and I mentioned I couldn't read well.

    Doctors practically told me my whole life that nothing could be done about it because I was too old, then I learned (before reading this page) about neurovision correction and vision therapy, went to a doctor who basically gave me the same old answer of nothing could be done and I told him it sounded like he didn't keep up with the research. Then I went to one who told me something could be done, can't remember if it was neurovision or vision therapy, we have yet to do it though. I wonder if a stem-cell treatment will be coming soon.

  58. Debbie B Debbie B United States says:

    My problem is from birth and it wasn't discovered until I was 4.  The typical procedure was attempted of patching for several hours every day, but all that achieved was causing loss of vision in my good eye.  I had been so good at compensating at any early age and continued that throughout my life that I have no noticeable difference in eye positioning like many lazy eye sufferers have.  Though now, I am 39 years old and I am seeing a bit of difference with my affected eye turning the other direction instead of going inward.  I have periods of where my affected eye seems to get very "tired" and I can close it without forcing it for long periods of time to "rest" it.  Now, on top of the amblyopia, I have astigmatism, which at first I was advised to get glasses for, but all that succeeded in doing was causing blurry vision and loss of vision again.  My amblyopia is in my left eye and the only way I can describe it is if you put your hand halfway over your eye and try to look.  I can see what I am looking at, but I cannot focus enough to read any letters, no matter how big they are.  I am not able to see anything 3-D unless it is a theater with DPI technology and then for some reason, I can see it.  My perceptive vision is pretty much out of the question and if I wear any type of glasses with a thick frame as most sunglasses have, I cannot see out of the sides at all.  Needless to say, my vision from my left eye is to the point of legal blindness.  I am an Artist and for me, this effects me on a level that most wouldn't understand.  I have always wondered if I see anything like others with normal vision see.  That includes colors.  Could this be a genetic/heredic disorder/birth defect?  My grandparents all had strabismus (crossed eyes) as well as being close relatives that married and had children (1st cousins).

  59. german gonzalez german gonzalez Canada says:

    Please send me more info i am 39 years old

  60. Mima Ben Mima Ben Algeria says:

    je suis d'Algerie,je suis ambliope et mon fils agé de 19 ans l'est aussi,y'a t_il un espoir de gurison? surtout pour mon fils.merci

  61. Sam Wildblood Sam Wildblood Colombia says:

    Hi, I would be interested in participating in trials. I had a patch when I was younger, although my left eye still dominates my vision. I had a squint which straightened itself out, however it´s begun to drift again, especially after exercise or when I´m tired. Please get in touch regarding trials or with any information.

  62. Heather Cooley Heather Cooley United States says:

    Of course, right now, I'm the last one in line! Lol.  I was 5 or 6 when my lazy eye caught my attention enough to bring it up to my mother.  The patch over my good right eye did nothing except ran me into mailboxes on my bicycle.  I can relate so much to feeling left out with 3-d.  I'm 45 now and I would love to have  peripheral vision before I get too old.  I've been in 2 car accidents with cars coming from my left (lazy eye).  I  would very much like to be in any study that might help me and certainly others with the same problem.  Sometimes I ponder on what it would be like to have full vision. I imagine that it would feel so liberating! Sincerely, Heather Cooley

  63. Shadi Grh Shadi Grh Iran says:

    Hello. Thank you for this article. I'm 26 years old from Iran. At age 6 was diagnosed with amblyopia in my right eye(30% sight)+Myopia but I resist to patch. I also have astigmatism in left eye. now for more than a year I feel loss of sight in my left eye but when I visit 2 doctors they said that my eye is just as before, but for about 2 weeks I feel more loss of sight and I worry that if my left eye starts to become lazy too?! Is it possible to have both lazy eyes??? I never drive(although I have my driving license) cause I think that I can't concentrate enough. Please help me.

  64. Alfredo Salazar Avalos Alfredo Salazar Avalos Mexico says:

    Hello my name is Alfredo Salazar am aviator and was diagnosed with amblyopia, astigmatism and hypermetropy in the left eye need help with this problem since my license was revoked for the same reason I would be happy to know if there is a treatment for this and how can I know if I am a candidate.

  65. Carla Brenda Carla Brenda Mexico says:

    Hello! I'm Brenda  and 22 years old and I was diagnosed with amlyopia too at 8 years old, my treatment was the pach in my eye but dosen't work, I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to find a cure! and I'm  exited for find this article. How  can I get it the treatment?

  66. Crystal Cox Crystal Cox United States says:

    Neuroscience article online tested rats with amblyopia and found that environmental enrichment cured them of amblyopia. Look up neuroscience studies on amblyopia.

  67. Don Derrick Don Derrick Canada says:

    What i did was my own experiment. I had 5 colors Marker and Every day I will pick one and for 3 to 6 hours I will focus both eyes on one colored  Marker . with 5 to 30 mins interval .

    I wasn't counting the hours spent but I did it a lot .

    Pick a pen and focus your eyes on it for 5 to 30 mins interval but it should be more than 3 hours a day.

    You will succeed


  68. Muralidharan G Muralidharan G India says:

    I'm 22. I have lazy(right) eye from birth itself but noticed at the age of 18,undergone lazik for right eye at 18 but it did n't persist even for 2 months and undergone same surgery(for left eye) at 19 but the left eye power came to -0.75(after 3.5 years from the surgery) now and right eye has 15% vision. how to protect my both eyes and what are ways to improve the vision to survive for future?

  69. Fede Steck Fede Steck Mexico says:

    Alfredo Salazar y Carla Brenda i'm from Mexico too lazy eye (left) diagnosed. Actually there is no serious treatment to fix this problem. At least I couldn't find any PROFESIONAL cure to amblyopia just wear glasses and visit regularly the ophthalmic. I hope together we can find a specialist that really help us. If you know someone please let me know and exchange experince of this disease.

  70. Brian Norris Brian Norris Thailand says:

    I am 60 and have had a lazy eye all my life, at an early age I had multiple operations to correct the amount of turn on my left eye (Lazy). Special glasses were tried at the time I had 20/20 vision in both, but was unable to judge distance. When 3D films appeared I found like all others with this ailment that I was unable to watch them as it was just a blurred 2D picture. I have grown up with technology and tried the active rather than passive format. But the active type of technology has always been expensive which is in the main part why the cinemas have all gone for passive (the glasses are very cheap to manufacture). I have never been able to afford the Active technology as supported by some TV manufacturers. Now I am retired and have been able to purchase a rather expensive PC to play games on and due to the graphics card supporting active glasses I purchased the Nvidia 3d vision 2 kit. For the first time I could see in 3D and the effect it profound, the lazy eye has to work because each eye is give a picture alternately. After the first day (2 or so hours) of play with the glasses it was great (I can see the 3D effect). What then happen was I went for a drive and it seemed that the world was in 3D like my games.

    It was very strange seeing the real world in 3D, the effect seemed to last for a few hours. But each day I use the 3D Games for a couple of hours my lazy eye seems to get better!!.
    Not sure how, what or why but it continues to improve in real life.

    *** My only thought is if anyone could get a pair of these glasses which switch independently of the equipment it may be a great way to train a lazy eye to work with the dominant one in real life. Maybe not for the more serious cases, but if you can see a 3D image by using an active pair of glasses then it could be a great way of fixing the problem. I am hopeful and looking forward to my next session of play and drive.

    • Laura Johnson Laura Johnson United States says:

      Hi Brian,
      I am 55 years old and also have a lazy left eye. I have had 2 surgeries when I was 5 years old and again at 16 years old. I have never been able to see correctly out of my left eye. I was patched as a kid and hated the teasing, & constant feeling of being different. Now, as an adult, I get headaches, eye strain, and blindness in my left eye. I would love to try a computer program or anything to experience what 3D or normal vision would be like. I am legally blind in my left eye. Corrected to 20/200. However, it is very shadowed in my left eye. Ironically, I am going to take my children and myself to eye doctor appointments this morning. I know I will be tired by the end of all of the eye tests. Any suggestions for me to ask the doctor?
      Is the computer equipment expensive? I am grateful for this online communication and to learn how many people know what it is like to have a lazy eye. Thank you for your post. Laura

      • Mark Anthony Baltieri Mark Anthony Baltieri United States says:

        I hope you had a great visit with th kids and that they are healthy and happy, I hope they have you info so you can sussefully veiw 3-D movies I don't think there that great or there would tons more if not all of them.  God bless you, I also had two surgeries in the 60s as a baby and my eye was straighted out better then it was.
        I wish I was there to put those mean bullies in there place, as I'm sure you handle it anyway.  All the  best.

  71. Jude Honeyman Jude Honeyman United Kingdom says:

    My son is 30yr and split from partner. The confidence to mix with people has always been tough due to his eye condition ( since birth) he is back home and in a terrible way and would love to know about any help with his eye to just get him out there and confident - breaking my heart. I would be interested in any info to help him. We have been DR etc but UK health service has huge waiting lists and private care has not got great reviews, this stress is just too much - keep us posted pleaseeeeee

  72. Jan Alnaeus Jan Alnaeus Sweden says:

    I am 51 years old, had a patch when i was a kid.. my right eye always been a "Lazy eye", im interested in any info that can help improving my sight. Please keep me posted.

  73. Thomas Bacon Thomas Bacon United States says:

    I'm a 33yo male who was born with a "lazy" right eye. I recently went to an optometrist and was diagnosed with an amblyopia and tilted optic nerve leading to 20/500 vision in my right eye. The OP said the main cause of loss of vision is due to the amblyopia and that the tilted optic nerve was only minor. I remember using an eye patch when I was younger, but to no avail. I have often wondered what it would be like to have binocular vision. My disability has forced me to learn to do many things left handed, although I'm a right handed person. I would love some insight and direction as to possible treatment for my condition.

  74. Elena Markham Gyergyie Elena Markham Gyergyie United States says:

    had a question on this trial, I am very interested in the trial, I was born with a lazy eye the right eye, please please help me, I don't want to go blind, I been wearing a path for 20 years please help me.  I am losing my eyes sight and I can't lose eye sight.

  75. Craig Mcmeechan Craig Mcmeechan Spain says:

    hi ,my eye went squint after LASIK ,i previously had 2 ops as a kid,and i am now told that i would have double vision if i got it surgically corrected...any advice?

  76. sharon morgan sharon morgan United Kingdom says:

    So after 3 years any news? Been suffering lazy eye all my life and all they do in the UK is throw glasses at me which leaves me frustrated and seems to make my eyes go downhill further so that I am starting to need new glasses every 12 months or so.

  77. chris r chris r United Kingdom says:

    It seems like they could do a great service by releasing the app

  78. aman gupta aman gupta India says:

    now my son is absolutely al right and his vision has also improved from plus 4.5 to plus 3.0.

  79. Marc Pelletier Marc Pelletier Canada says:

    I'm 72 and just diagnoses as having dry and wet AMD (Age-related macular degeneration) in my good eye. Scary! How to revive my lazy eye; I will need it? I live in Montreal, therefore near McGill University. If someone knows of some action I can take, I'll for ever grateful!

  80. Naveen Navi Naveen Navi India says:

    Hello everyone,  I am Naveen from India and my age is 28 now. I do have a lazy eye problem and was not sure from which I have this problem. Recently I consulted Eye specialist and they said that the problem is there from long back and have to do cataract surgery but not sure how much vision will come after surgery also. I have undergone for cataract surgery but there is no much improvement in my left vision. But I have some power in left eye.

    Please suggest if there is anything els like Exercise(what exercise i should do) or patching.

    Naveen G

  81. Sandy Miller Massey Sandy Miller Massey United States says:

    I'm 66yrs old.My left eye has moved to the outer side.You can barely see my blue eye.My Doctor said it would not help me to have the surgery because it will come back to the way it is now.And with my age and health not a good idea.I have no preception at all.Now I am having pain in that eye ball. Going to my Dr. soon.I'm losing my sight in that eye.Seeing things on my left some how moves over in front of me.When driving I have to really be careful.When a tractor trailer comes up the left side of me it scares the hell out of me it's like it is jumping in front of me jack knifing.I have gotten control over that when I see one in the mirror I close that eye until it is clear. I'm pretty sure I will soon lose my license.I use to be very pretty now I look and feel like a freak.I've hibernated my life. My heart and prays for anyone having this. Sandy

  82. Alpha Romeo Alpha Romeo Netherlands says:

    The doctor said in his article that they've made a Tetris like game to improve the weaker eye. Can we get a link to it somewhere?

    • Luis Perlasca Luis Perlasca United States says:

      More likely than not this article is just propaganda for the game so you can buy it. The article has no references of where the study was performed, whether the results were submitted and observed by a university, or whether these doctors truly exist or got an education from a good university. I'd look for it but think before you buy.

  83. Joyce Anne Buen-Alicaya Joyce Anne Buen-Alicaya Saudi Arabia says:

    Hi i'm joyce, 29 yrs old, from the Philippines just now i've known that i have lazy eye on my right eye after I went to the optical shop.. I actually experience it before but all I thought it wasn't that serious.. I didn't wear my eyeglasses before because i felt dizziness and nauseated, until now i didn't wear it at all.. but now, they told me that i have severe amblyopia if only i could turn back time, wherein i will wear my eyeglasses at all times just to reduce the risk of this amblyopia..

  84. susanna svagelj susanna svagelj United Kingdom says:

    I have always felt that with the correct stimuli the vision can be improved. I contacted a PhD student her in the UK some years ago as he was doing a research on this new approach but after we met, he more or less dismissed me. I still believe that things can be done and would like to know if you have any contact in the UK who are equally passionate about such promising research you have done?

  85. Piero Urso Piero Urso Italy says:

    Ho il problema di ambliopia, potrei avere informazioni di contatto ?

  86. Donovan Scott Donovan Scott South Africa says:

    Google Bionic lens I don't know if it is going to work on my lazy eye but I'm going to try it out.

  87. JC Wise JC Wise United States says:

    I have had amblyopia since birth. I will be 44 years old this October. I pretty much consider myself legally blind in my right eye as I only see out of my left eye. My brain completely ignores my right eye. When I close my good left eye,  The vision in my right eye is horrible. It was measured at 20/2000. I wore a patch and glasses as a child but it didn't help. My whole life I have had terrible aim and couldn't catch to save my life. I was picked last in gym class for team sports as I always sucked at team sports. I guess you would need to  see out of both eyes and have good depth perception to have good aim and to be able catch . I have given up on ever seeing out of both eyes. I have my driver's license but I always end up getting the right side of my car hit by mailboxes, guard rails, I always get flat tires on the right side do to hitting curbs and always end up losing the mirror on the right side. I also have never seen a 3d movie like everyone else who commented.

    • Fahad Ahmad Fahad Ahmad United Kingdom says:

      Hey JC!! You are from developed country, and it is weird not having proper treatment. i am 28 and still figuring out if there is anything or any treatment that could help me. I am from UK, if you have any experience that is beneficial, please share,
      Kind Regards,
      Fahad Ahmad

  88. Asma Arif Asma Arif Islamic Republic of Pakistan says:

    I want to have that can I get it

  89. Margaret P Kotek Margaret P Kotek United States says:

    Is that possible?  I have lazy eye and my vision is impaired.  I would like my eye doctor to help me but he says there is no cure.  This says otherwise.

    Thank you. Peggy

  90. Mark Anthony Baltieri Mark Anthony Baltieri United States says:

    I have it as well, but when I shut my favored eye, I can see good with my other eye?
    So I have 20/20 just not at the same time.
    I had the answers to the 3-D test they used to pass the military entrance as well I used those same answers to get onto the Police Dept.
    The only test I couldnt beat was a Professtional baseball team physical when i was being scouted by the Detroit Tigers.
    That test was crazy i looked into a double eye binocular type set and when i use my favored eye that i always use i could see a row of numbers, when i switched over to my other eye i only saw a arrow by itself?
    The tester/Doctor asked me what number was the arrow pointing to?
    I had no idea.
    So I was exposed and failed horribly.
    I wonder do these doctors not bother to develop a cure at later ages because were not worth the effort another words not enough money to cure a small pct.
    Of us one eye bandits.
    Well we all are surviving dispite them wicked people.
    I know if they put effort into it, they can cure it better then using the same old 200 year method of kh just stick a patch on the kid who cares.  
    Well I care and I'm donating my 80 million to research for the future children who suffer like we all did.
    I refused to be handicapped and still hit a baseball better then those with both eyes I pitched with great accuracy better then those with two eyes, I even boxed and knocked out 16 of 23 opponents with only one eye.
    Going 20-3
    If I didnt also suffer laziness along with lazy eye I may have went further lol.
    I do often wonder what it would be like to see with both eyes at the same time.
    Nobody seems to care weather we do or not?
    I guess we dont look to bad so we must be ok.
    Btw the way the reason I learned to fight so well
    Was because i wasnt going to let the other kids keep making fun of my lazy eye without suffering a swollen eye themselfs.  
    I was lucky I was too dumb to really understand i even had a handicap until i was grown.
    I do now need reading glasses like everyone else over a certain age.
    Im.55 and feel 35 except when i hurt myself then im 85 it takes so long to heal.  
    All if you, dont worry you made it this far in life, I know it sucks at times but I'll bet those 3d movies are not that great or they would make them all 3d.
    Us people will be ok and better then ok.
    Keep moving forward and dont let this lazy eye keep you down.  
    Love you all like family.

  91. Harrison Holt Harrison Holt United Kingdom says:

    Hi there I am an 18-year-old with ocular albinism and as a result one of the problems I have is amblyopia in my left eye I have recently had strabismus surgery but because my left eye is weak I feel as though it is going to turn in again as there is very little visual input from the eye I was just wondering if there is any help for me to try and improve the vision in this I I am very determined I’m prepared to do what is necessary to try and improve this lazy eye

  92. Edward Kelly Edward Kelly Ireland says:

    I have amblyopia in my left eye. 6/60 vision in that eye and 6/6 in my stronger eye. I would dearly love to improve the amblyopia. I have a very normal life but this has effected my acadmeic, sporting and social life.

    I am 35 now, have had this condition as long as I can remember. There are games in the play store I am going to try. I have ordered some anaglyph 3D glasses. Hopefully they will improve the situation. Really hope VR is going to be able to cure it in adults.

    Really hoping the technology becomes available in Ireland.


  93. Sheila Campbell Getzinger Sheila Campbell Getzinger United States says:

    How do you get an appointment, or get directed to someone that can help with it?

  94. Shannann Lissa Forrester Shannann Lissa Forrester United States says:

    My son is now 18 and has been living with this since he was 6 and patching didn't work and they tell him it is too late. I thought lasik surgery would correct but they say no. How do i get him into such a study or treatment?  Live in michigan and want to help him.

  95. Judy Horvath Judy Horvath United States says:

    Hello, I am located in Cleveland, Ohio.  I am 67 years old.  I too have been diagnosed with amblyopia, left eye.  My left eye turned in as a very young child and was corrected with glasses and I believe with a patch for a very short period of time (I do not remember it).  The vision in my amblyopia left eye is very poor.  Reading an eye chart, if the first LARGE letter on the chart is an E,  I see only 3 horizontal lines and those lines are blurry as is.  I have peripheral vision which I am truly thankful for because I am able to pass the vision test to acquire my drivers license.  I cannot even IMAGINE having vision with both eyes.  I have been seeing a doctor at the Cole Eye Institute at Cleveland Clinic Foundation not for my amblyopia left eye but my right eye which came down with Iritis and it is now in remission after many years of treatment (it kept reoccurring).  Meanwhile while treating the Iritis I needed Caterac surgery in my right eye which gave my right eye 20/20.  I have lived with this, well, 67 years now and I honestly have just gotten use to it.    
    There is a small caterac in my left eye, I have been told, but it is to soon to remove it.  I also was told it will not improve my vision as the surgery did for my right eye.  If there is testing to enable vision in my right eye I would love to learn more about it.

  96. Brenda Barnhurst Brenda Barnhurst United States says:

    Try it.  Doesn't hurt. Doesn't cost. I am 50 plus years (but won't admit to being a day over 27 if you ask).  I did the eye patch when I was 6. I won't elaborate further on that.
    Last night I was rubbing my left bad eye and noticed an obvious horizontal tilt in vision from right to left eye.  As I massaged around the skeletal orbital muscles, I continued to compare my sight on my digital time clock. I was able to (swear to God) eliminate the tilt. I went further with the messaging and improved my left eye vision to 20/40. The  vertical blur I'm still working on.  Regardless, the fog in my head has diminished a hundredfold. Too simple right?  Please let me know if this helps anyone else.

  97. Brenda Barnhurst Brenda Barnhurst United States says:

    When one of our senses is impaired another one strengthens.  Does anyone feel that way too?

  98. Anna G Anna G Canada says:

    my name is Anna. I am eighteen years of age and was born with Amblyopia. I had done patching most days a minimum of a few hours (or the whole day) from the age of two to the age of ten. From there I continued to do it every day for a couple hours until I was fifteen. Around the age of eight (after having been patching for eight years) was when I hit the point where my lazy eye successfully got to the point of just being legally blind. From there I have continued to progress and can now read with my lazy eye with my glasses (with focus and time but still). I am, however, still lacking depth perception, and need to wear glasses for both eyes. This isn't much of an issue though, as I have naturally adapted to seeing 2D (seeming I didn't even realize I didn't have depth perception until I was thirteen).
    I was wondering if laser eye surgery could be a possible option for me to at least make it so that I would be able to see at least to the point where my glasses/contacts can get me? My depth perception is a lost hope at this point but it doesn't make much of a difference in my life anyway.
    Also, if any parents have any questions for me about growing up as a child with severe amblyopia feel free to respondSmile

    • Stacey Hoover Stacey Hoover United States says:

      My son is 18 and was born with amblyopia too. He has tried the patching since he was 5 off an on and has had multiple prescription glasses that he would not wear because he couldn't see out of his bad eye with them at all. His other eye is 20/20. His eye Dr told him that there is no treatment (other than patching), and no corrective surgery available. Have you found out anything new since your post in 2019? I would love to hear from you.
      Thank you,

  99. Warwick Turvey Warwick Turvey Australia says:

    Is there a way to get involved in this? Or gain access to the app/exercises spoken about. I recently found this article and it's the first bit of good news I've heard about this condition.

  100. S D S D Australia says:

    Well Hess et al did their work in 2011. It's now 2020 and the public haven't seen anything meaningful but I managed to find this based on their work:

    With a bit of luck we may have something viable if they don't get greedy and make the price unaffordable for those in need. Not sure why they just just make an overlay app (like the bluelight apps) to work with the glasses regardless of what is watched on the ipad! Just select which eye is lazy in the app for the glasses to dim/block the vision in the dominant eye!

  101. Leo Nghĩa Leo Nghĩa Vietnam says:

    It is mid-2020 now. Any progress guys?

  102. Robert Golden Robert Golden United States says:

    The title of this article, "New hope for adults with amblyopia", is wrong!
    I'm 47 and had amblyopia my whole life, can't see out right eye. Had surgery at age 4, forced to wear eye-patch but it never took. Partly because I bad hay-fever as a child where I would wake up with both eyes stuck shut. Feel my way to the bath room to rinse out my eyes. Plus the terrifying office visits populated by Pirates wearing patches. As a child you don't understand why your parents are taping a patch over your good eye, effectively blinding you. I remember back in the 80s they had a lot of 3D movies and parents would bring home the 3D glasses. I don't know if this was a cruel joke or not wanting me to feel left out but I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. Ooh everything's red, big deal! About 18-months ago went for Lasik consult (farsighted in good eye now) and was told that despite a 99% success rate they wouldn't do it because I can only see out of one eye, blah blah blah. Wanted: one-eyed Ophthalmologist and/or Neurologist who understands the problem and can provide the cure. Modern medicine is still in the Dark Ages.

  103. Leo Halliwell Leo Halliwell Canada says:

    I've had amblyopia since birth, supposedly had physical surgery on the eye when I was really young where they shortened the muscle. The ONLY time I've ever had depth perception is actually the 3DS with the face tracking. I cried when I took a 3D picture and seen what I was missing.  I'm wondering if that's similar to what's going on here, and if that would work. Because honestly I'm so sick of not seeing properly I'd probably try snake oil at this point. My lens prescription has got so bad my lazy eye has gone from a negative number to a positive! Even then I'm dubious that it's actually doing anything as about 80% of my vision comes from my right eye anyway.

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