Live-Cell Analysis to Monitor Cancer Hallmarks

Since Hanahan and Weinberg published their breakthrough paper outlining six hallmarks of cancer in 2000, the progression of understanding cancer cell biology has been significant1. Since then, advances in subjects like immune modulation and tumor microenvironment have resulted in revision and an update of these hallmarks. This has occurred not once, but twice2,3, with the most recent review identifying the following:

  1. Selective proliferative advantage
  2. Altered stress response
  3. Vascularization
  4. Invasion and metastasis
  5. Metabolic rewiring
  6. Immune modulation
  7. An abetting microenvironment

With continuous evolution of research in tumor biology, novel ideas have been developed about the behavior of several cancers, in addition to offering novel pharmacological targets and therapy techniques. A large amount of this progress has been developed through technological advancement, allowing studies that were previously unachievable, to be completed.

Particularly in the last decade, there have been significant advances made in the area of in vitro translational models and live-cell assays, via both traditional 2D and advanced 3D cell culture systems. The development of purpose-built live-cell analysis instruments, like the IncuCyte® system (Essen BioScience), has transformed the field, enabling observation and quantification abilities of cancer cell biology over time, in an entirely non-perturbing way.

This white paper investigates some of the current research ideas across the seven hallmarks of cancer, and highlights the contribution of live-cell analysis for the elucidation of the biological mechanisms supporting these behaviors.

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