Integrin-Associated Protein CD47 Leukocyte Surface Antigen

Integrin-associated protein (IAP), CD47, was first found in research that focused on integrin αvβ3. This research found that CD47 was to be associated in cis with integrin αvβ3 on the cell membrane.

Further research has found that CD47 is the archetypal “marker of self” that is found on all cells. It plays a key role in the regulation of tissue homeostasis and is involved in a range of diseases that include cancer and atherosclerosis.

CD47 protects host cells by the suppression of phagocytosis. It is already known that the CD47 expressed by cancer cells interacts with NK cell-expressed proteins in the SIRP family – namely SIRP-a and SIRP-g. The interaction protects cancerous cells from being identified and removed via phagocytosis (the innate immune response).

CD47 has also been found to play an essential role in the vascular NO signaling that is mediated by TSP-1. In this role CD47 inhibits angiogenesis via the regulation of CD36 and VEGFR2. Long term dysregulation of NO signaling is indicative of a range of cardiovascular diseases; making CD47 a potential target for atherosclerosis treatment. To this effect, Anti-CD47 mAb has been shown to reduce the amount of atherosclerosis in multiple in vivo experiments.

CD47 Proteins

Given the key role that CD47 plays in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases and cancer it is hardly surprising that significant effort is going into research of CD47 targeted treatments.

ACROBiosystems can supply researchers with a unique range of CD47-relevant products. These include multiple avi tag pre-biotinylated proteins, which can be used for fast, high-throughput screening.

The following product pairs can be easily used for ELISA, MSD platforms and Alphalisa, for the screening of neutralizing compounds.

Pairs Cat. No. Product Description Structure
Pair 1 CD7-H82F6 Biotinylated Human CD47, Fc Tag, Avi Tag CD7-H82F6-STC1
Pair 1 SIA-H5225 Human SIRP alpha (HPLC-verified) SIA-H5225-STC1
Pair 2 CD7-H82E9 Biotinylated Human CD47, Avi Tag CD7-H82E9-STC1
Pair 2 SIA-H5251 Human SIRP alpha, Fc Tag (HPLC-verified) SIA-H5251-STC1
Pair 3 CD7-H5227 Human CD47 Protein CD7-H5227
Pair 3 CDA-H82F2 Biotinylated Human SIRP alpha, Fc, Avi Tag CDA-H82F2-STC1
  EP-102 CD47: SIRP alpha [Biotinylated] Inhibitor Screening ELISA Assay Pair  

ACROBiosystems provides Fc tagged CD47 and SIRP alpha in mouse models, for use in instances where the human model Fc tagged CD47 could interfere with the assay. These products are uniquely designed to bind with humanized antibodies.

Molecule Cat. No. Product Description Structure
CD47 CD7-H52A5 Human CD47, mouse IgG2a Fc Tag, low endotoxin CD7-H52A5-STC1
SIRP alpha SIA-H52A8 Human SIRP alpha, mouse IgG1 Fc Tag (HPLC-verified) SIA-H52A8-STC1

ACROBiosystems also provides CD47 sourced from other commonly used animal models.

No. Species Product Description Structure
CD7-C5252 CD47 Protein, Fc Tag CD7-C5252-STC1
CD7-R5257 CD47 Protein, Fc Tag CD7-R5257-STC1
CD7-R5256 CD47 Protein, Fc Tag CD7-R5256-STC1
CD7-M5251 CD47 Protein, Fc Tag CD7-M5251-STC1


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