Living with COVID-19: A reflection on the pandemic

The advent of an earlier unknown highly contagious respiratory pathogen in January 2020 initiated a global pandemic that is persisting today. The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, the causative agent of COVID-19, has surpassed 211 million infections globally within twenty months of the pandemic. Until August 2021, more than four million deaths were reported (Coronavirus Resource Center, 2021).

Since1918, the world has not been drastically affected by the emergence, spread and death toll due to a respiratory virus, which not only affected public health but also the economic status of nations and individuals.

This destructive public health emergency required a comprehensive response that needed the joint effort of biotech, pharmaceutical and academic collaborators to formulate prevention and treatment approaches for this novel disease.

The current article is a reflection of COVID-19, following probable solutions for related research, vaccine and diagnostics development.

  • What was achieved in the fight against COVID-19
  • What is still not known about the virus
  • What ACRO offers

ACROBiosystems, as a leading life science supplier, is dedicated to helping the global COVID-19 response. The company remains determined in its mission to support researchers, developers and manufacturers with key reagents to handle the continuing public health concerns. The company has consolidated its products and services, offering a comprehensive solution for SARS-CoV-2.

This is on par with the needs of the customer in both the detection of COVID-19 and the development of vaccines and therapies. As SARS-CoV-2 continues to spread and evolve, the top priority is to offer support to quickly respond to the challenges.

More forces are mobilized to keep the circulating and evolving SARS-CoV-2 variants under surveillance and produce products targeting the Variants of Concerns (VOCs) in the timeliest manner. ACROBiosystems’ product pipeline includes widely neutralizing antibodies, multiple recombinant antigen mutants, ELISA kits harboring high sensitivity and protein-pre-coupled magnetic beads that support high-throughput applications.

Living with COVID-19: A reflection on the pandemic

Image Credit: ACROBiosystems

Recombinant antigens

  • ACROBiosystems offers a collection of recombinant antigen proteins of all VOCs and other prevailing SARS-CoV-2 variants, covering crucial mutations like L452R/Q, K417N/T, E484K, N501Y and D614G on the spike protein, and R203G, G204R on the nucleocapsid protein, etc.
  • Various antigens are provided, i.e., Spike Trimer, Spike RBD, S1, S2, Spike NTD and Nucleocapsid protein.
  • The antigen mutants have verified high bioactivity, high purity and high stability.
  • Products with multiple tags (His, Avi, Fc, mFc) are available in bulk supply.

Featured products: super stable spike trimer

  • Produced on the basis of the updated sequence information retrieved from GISAID/PANGOLIN/Nextstrain database
  • 6P and 2A mutations were introduced to stabilize the trimeric protein in its pre-fusion configuration and eliminate the S1/S2 furin-cleavage site, respectively
  • High trimer purity (>90%) verified by SEC-MALS
  • Cover mutations reported on Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta variants (VOCs)
  • Suitable for inhibitor screening assays and serological antibody titer tests

Living with COVID-19: A reflection on the pandemic

Image Credit: ACROBiosystems

Recombinant antigens

  • ACROBiosystems has selected a collection of binding antibodies, neutralizing antibodies, antibodies for diagnostic, IgG antibody isotype and HRP-secondary antibody, etc. against the variants.
  • High bioactivity, high purity and high stability with verification
  • Enables the development of serologic tests, therapeutic antibodies and vaccines

Featured products: Broad-spectrum neutralizing antibody (Cat. No. S1N-M122)

  • Appropriate to be a positive control in inhibitor screening tests
  • Neutralizes all the VOCs in the pseudovirus neutralization assay

Featured products: Anti-nucleocapsid antibody pair (Cat. No. NUN-M223/NUN-S95)

  • Identifies all the prevalent nucleocapsid protein variants verified by colloidal gold-based assay
  • An ideal ingredient for the development of antigen detection tools.

Living with COVID-19: A reflection on the pandemic

Image Credit: ACROBiosystems

  • ACROBiosystems has created a series of ELISA kits for SARS-CoV-2 detection, including neutralizing antibody serological titer kits, antibody serological titer kits, variants inhibitor screening kits, antigen titer kits, antigen-pre-coated plates, etc.
  • Highly capable, can analyze 90+ samples in two hours
  • Greater sensitivity and specificity.
  • Substantially increases experiment efficacy while assuring highly reproducible results.

Living with COVID-19: A reflection on the pandemic

Image Credit: ACROBiosystems

Featured products: VOCs-specific neutralizing antibody serological titer kits

Table 1. Source: ACROBiosystems

Lineage Cat. No.
SARS-CoV-2  (U.K) Alpha | B.1.1.7 RAS-N028
SARS-CoV-2  (South Africa) Beta | B.1.351 RAS-N031
SARS-CoV-2  (Brazil) Gamma | P.1 RAS-N034
SARS-CoV-2  (India) Delta | B.1.617.2 RAS-N040, RAS-N041


Pre-coupled magnetic beads

  • Manufactured by coupling biotinylated antigens to streptavidin-conjugated magnetic beads
  • Pre-coupled and ready to use for capturing target proteins from the sample
  • Employed for capturing anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody or ACE2 protein from the sample with greater specificity
  • High yield and low non-specific binding
  • Appropriate for biopanning, immunocapture, flow cytometry, etc.
  • Inexpensive: reduces cut time and human effort during the experiment

Living with COVID-19: A reflection on the pandemic

Image Credit: ACROBiosystems

Featured products: VOCs-specific neutralizing antibody serological titer kits

Table 2. Source: ACROBiosystems

Cat. No. Product Description Application
MBS-K001 SARS-CoV-2 Spike S1-coupled Magnetic Beads S1 protein antibody screening
MBS-K002 SARS-CoV-2 Spike RBD-coupled Magnetic Beads Spike protein RBD antibody screening
MBS-K013 Human ACE2-coupled Magnetic Beads Virus capture
MBS-K014 Human Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Spike RBD Antibody-coupled Magnetic Beads Virus capture


About ACROBiosystems

ACROBiosystems is a cornerstone enterprise of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Their mission is to help overcome challenges with innovative tools and solutions from discovery to the clinic. They supply life science tools designed to be used in discovery research and scalable to the clinical phase and beyond. By consistently adapting to new regulatory challenges and guidelines, ACROBiosystems delivers solutions, whether it comes through recombinant proteins, antibodies, assay kits, GMP-grade reagents, or custom services. ACROBiosystems empower scientists and engineers dedicated towards innovation to simplify and accelerate the development of new, better, and more affordable medicine.

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